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Thread: Neogamma r7 settings???

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    Neogamma r7 settings??? I was finally able to softmod my 4.2u wii and put neogamma r7 as a channel, but when I go to launch a game (the 'original' copy of Guitar Hero 5 since the regular disc channel says it needs to update first which I didn't think I should do) it goes to a black screen and stays there. I've tried searching for info on neogamma's settings but nothing specific. I was wondering if it's the config settings on neogamma, and if so, could someone tell me what should they be? Much thanks!

    I should also mention:
    I've Trucha patched 222, 223, 249, 250
    Put cIOS 222/223 installer v4
    Put cIOS38rev14
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    you need to read one of the other 10000000000000 GH5 threads, its asking for an update becuase your missing an IOS, probaly IOS56.

    Go read one of the other threads, where ALL your questions will already have been answered.


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