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Thread: to update or not to update the wii

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    Ca to update or not to update the wii

    I have a D2C installed and wondered do i update the WII at all (system update), currently it's not connected to the internet and I wanted to know if updating the system after a mod chip install is a good thing or not?

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    I tried a system update (online) a few days ago (i think last thursday) and it went fine. No problems here. I don't know though if its safe to keep wiiconnect24 on or not. forgot to mention i have an ntsc usa wii with d2ckey installed.

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    I have a NTSC WII (Canada) with a Wiikey and I have it on Wiiconnect24 and have updated, no probs.

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    is the argon wii key pretty good? Any feedback on that chip with online updates also?

    EDIT: Kinda like HIJACK....warning only.....please don't hijack a is considered RUDE....thanks

    and the answer is they are still playing catch up with regards to the D2Pro9 and the Wasabi
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    Ca Is updating to system 3.02U ok with modded Wii?

    Hello all,

    I know this question has been asked before. But I think the previous threads were written before system version 3.02U was released.

    I recently bought a Wii with modchip (I guess it's D2GKEY, the serial number of my Wii fits into the batch covered by this chip) with system 3.01U. Is it safe to update to v.3.02U?

    Many thanks.

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    i have a d2ckey and my wii is 3.02U, seen to be working fine (Mario kart wii (Us) , original brawl, back up twilight, back up nfs: ps, etc...)

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    yup. same as the guy below/above. My wii works after an update from brawl, and the games like mario kart etc still work. Seems like updates are still working fine.

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    you can choose not to update but somegame might not work cuz thre are some grahpic updates sometime.


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