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Thread: Super slow rip to USB

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    Super slow rip to USB

    Hi, I'm having issues with my rip speeds (less than 100kb/s) for the 3 games I've tried so far (took over 10 hours to back-up Mario Kart). I've installed USB loader 1.5, USB loader GX, and DVD dumper 1.3 all with the same effect. Don't know if it's a hardware issue or a me issue.

    Modded wii using 3.1-4.1 for any
    using CIOS 38 rev 14
    Preloader installed
    Corp 3.4 installed.

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    I had the same problem when I started. Its your thumb drive. I got a different one and can now rip a game that's almost 4.7GB in less than 20 minutes. I use a Kingston 8GB drive. Try a different thumb drive. You can always return it if you're unsure

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    I have a 8gb Sandisc USB memory stick and rip speed is good.

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    Thanks for the help, I did pick up an adata because I didn't think it mattered. I'll go with something a little more main stream.

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    I had slow rip times with some of my games as well, some took 2+ hours but never gave an error before completing. Come to find out my discs were really scratched up so I re-downloaded those games and have not had any problems since.
    LU50 SM4.1U Boot2v4
    Original WiiKey v1.9s
    BootMii beta5 loaded as boot2
    HBC v1.06
    USBLoader GX v807
    USBLoader_CFG_NForwarder_UCXF_Channel v16
    200GB Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 USB HDD
    USB-HDD Compatibility list

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    Thanks for all the help, I picked up a san disk and that made all of the difference. I am now able to rip most games in under 5 mins.


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