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Thread: Rock Band 2, does loading it through the Disc Channel eliminate SD2Wii DLC transfer?

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    Rock Band 2, does loading it through the Disc Channel eliminate SD2Wii DLC transfer?

    I apologize, because I'm pretty sure this has been discussed before, but the thing is I can't seem to find it here (I've used wiihacks search and google search... nothing). Maybe I'm wording incorrectly when I search? I don't know. So I apologize, but I would like some help please.

    I have a couple questions, but first let me tell you my set up. I run RB2 through NeoGamma, I have the DLC patch where all the DLC is listed as "Purchased".

    Well, as you all may know, transferring the songs after every startup can get a beat tedious, also deleting them from the memory during every startup can get that way too. But is it possible that if I somehow got RB2 to launch through the disc channel, that it can just fetch the songs directly from the SDcard without the need for the Wii memory?

    If possible, what files do I need to install to get it to launch through the disc channel?

    Sorry for being a noob, but I need help.

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    You will be happy to know hat this is not an isolated problem and for some odd reason it is near impossible to find a solution to it by trolling around the forum (although I did.)
    The problem with loading Rock Band 2 from any kind of backup loader is that when you go and download and play DLC, it makes a mess all over the internal memory. Im not sure if this happens with everone or if it a combination of factors but the short answer is yes, playing it via the Disc channel fixes the problem.
    You can do that by either having the proper disc or (if in my case where that is damm impossible) use something like cIOSCORP (as long as the disc is in your wiis native reigon, eg pal)
    While cIOSCORP does have its risks, they can be minimised by backing up your NAND (internal memory).
    You can get cIOSCORP by emailing the auto-reply address to obtain the download links

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    I've never tried with rb2, but gh5 is similar. What I've found is that loading gh5 from usbloader and hermes cios38+37, I can download songs. But of course, there's the failure to delete from wii memory problem. It can copy to sd just fine, and copy from sd to wii memory, as well as delete from sd. But it just can't delete from wii memory.

    Loading gh5 from disc seems fine in terms of wii memory/sd access. However, I can't download songs when booting from the disc. I get 204036 error.

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    Get a modchip problem solved!

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    Do enlighten. I have a wiikey. I guess I've never tried downloading RB2 DLC from disc. But with GH5, I get 204036 errors when using the disc.

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    and the answer to your question is no.

    anytime you select a song on sd, it'll have to copy it to the wii to be able to play it. then afterwards, it deletes the copy from the wii. but when you use hermes, it results in the wii copy sticking. so you have to manually delete it from data management


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