Hi all

1. Just getting up to speed here, but I have a pre-modded wii just arrived from Beijing (with the Japanese menus). How can I identify which mod chip they have installed? I have emailed the retailer about this, but would appreciate your guys opinion in the meantime.

2. When it comes to firmware updates I'm assuming I will need the Japanese version firmware, rather than ntsc or pal - - which then leads me to assume that I'll be met with more Japanese option menu's when I stick a cd in to update the firmware?

3. Is it normal for any modded wii to not read some game dvds? I have the odd one or two that came with the wii that it won't read, or it sometimes takes two or three goes for it to read it. The retailer is saying that it takes time for the mod chip to "bed in" so to speak... hmmmmm

Thanks guys