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Thread: Is me wii dead

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    Question Is me wii dead

    Hi people, could anyone tell me if me wii is dead i put on the neogamma channel with homebrew but ghostbusters didn't run so i like an idiot started pressin buttons and uninstalled a few wads and changed me wiigator channel to ntsc from pal just to if this made it work then when i tried to restart it me wii all i get is the green power light on but screen does not come on and wiimote just flashes if i press A button and turns off i have a pal wii which had 4.0E running thxs for help and think nintendo will charge me 70 to repair

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    That is no fun. Do you happen to have bootmii as boot2. You must have uninstalled something important, any idea what it was.

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    erm not to sure think i just uninstalled something wad 36 ,wad 35 some patch60 thing


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