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Thread: What kind of a brick is this???

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    What kind of a brick is this???

    well, i didn't know where to post this, so i created a new thread.

    i recentley bricked my wii, here is the scenario:

    1- korean wii - english menu - was on 3.2u and hbc 0.9 (No Bootmii)
    2- installed hbc 1.0.6 and DVDX
    3- installed IOS60 (Patched)
    4- installed Preloader 0.29 (couldn't run HBC)
    5- installed another Preloader 0.29 (could load HBC)
    6- dowloaded sysetm menu 4.0u (V417) with NUSD V1.2 having key.bin and kkey.bin in the same directory
    7- ran the output wad file from wad manager 1.4 and restarted.
    8- resulted in a garbled screen with white and green stripes whenever i turn on! (preloader not working either)

    i can go to recovery mode by my GC controller and it shows 4.0(KOR).

    a) what kind of a brick is this?
    a) what did i do wrong?
    b) can i fix it? (i have no bootmii and preloader does not run. i also have no modchip, but can get one if required)
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