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Thread: Wasabi V1/V2/V3 + Update 4.2 + Guitar Hero

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    Wasabi V1/V2/V3 + Update 4.2 + Guitar Hero

    Hey people,

    I have a Wii + Wasabi (V1/V2V3 with the latest wasabi firmware. not sure which one but definitly not zero or dx).

    I was stupid enough to make a update from 3.4 to directly to 4.2. I was kinda away from Wasabi and other hacks stuff for a while and didn't care actually that much Anyways I made the update planning to play Guitar Hero 5. As you can imagine things gone wrong Actually all my backup games except Guitar Hero Metallica, World Tour and 5 seem to work quite ok as before ?!. I thought that was worth posting. Somehow Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero Aerosmith are fine too. So I could say I only see the effect of the 4.2 update on the new Guitar Hero games (everything since World Tour). Does this make sense to anyone? Because as far as I read today I should not be able to play any backups at all?


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    your 4.2 wii will not play out of region disks anymore via your chip. The ones that don't work anymore are probably out of region. You may be able to launch out of region with gecko os.


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