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Thread: Wii Making Noises.

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    Wii Making Noises.

    I Have A NTSC Console Version 4.2, And It Plays Backups With Gamma, But When I Burn NTSC Isos Games It DOnt Make Noises, But When I Burn PAL Isos Games Makes Alot Of Noise, .. I Think Is The Laser.. Is That Normal?
    My Dvds Are Memorex DVD-R And I Burned At The Speed Of 4X...
    NTSC Isos Works Finee, But PAL Isos Make Noises... ( When I Want To Play A PAL ISO I Got To Select The Opcion To Force " PAL Games " To Play In NTSC Console..

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    I wouldn't worry to much about it i play cod 5 backup i think its the size of the file that means laser has to read more so it makes more noises. COD 5 makes lots of noise i've been playing it for about 6 days now my laser still works :P


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