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Thread: Softmod Wii 4.2U

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    Unhappy Softmod Wii 4.2U


    I just bought a pre-modded Wii from a friend, but I was unaware that updating the system might cause an issue with the mod. While connecting my Wii to my wireless connection it asked if I wanted to update and I said yes (I know, I know. Should've looked into this stuff before messing around with the software). I now cannot play any of the DVD-R backup games I have just received from my friend. I was able to re-install HBC and Bootmii (IOS version) but cannot remove the IOS249 stub to re-install the CIOS. I've searched the threads and Google and tried everything, luckily I haven't bricked the system, but nothing has worked. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Is there another method, or should I attempt to wipe the whole thing clean with a AnyTitle Deleter and start over with a virgin system? I'm running Wii 4.2u.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you tried the Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!! guide. It is very well written and has help me immensely on getting my wii back in shape. I just have a small issue with play vc games. But I'm still very pleased with my wii. It even has a part on removing the evil 249 stub. Real nice because you can download the files that go on the sd. So instead of searching for all the files and getting them in order all you have to do is just drop the zip on your sd card.

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    Yeah, I've tried the Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!! guide and still couldn't get the CIOS installed.

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    i have tried every tut on this forum and i still cant get hb chanell installed , just get as far as no vunerable ios. my wii was formatted and upgraded to 4.2 had cioscorp on originally. think i will have to sell it, no more homebrew for me :0(


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