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Thread: MySims Agents wont load with a USB loader

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    Exclamation MySims Agents wont load with a USB loader

    Hello sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I have tried coverfloader and usb loader GX with error 002 fix and anti and without it. But each time I load it up it just gives me a blank screen. Could someone please help me out. I have been searching google for ages and it is really annoying.

    (sorry if I posted this in the wrong section)

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    The black screen usually means you are missing an IOS.

    Also, make sure you do not have a gamecube controller or gamecube memory card plugged in. I don't think you can post a wrong question in noob corner unless it's not wii related.

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    So which IOS do I need to install?? Because in this place it says I need 53-64-4113 (something like that) but I remember installing it before. So what should I do.


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    Sorry forgot to say I have cIOS38 rev 14. cIOS hermes 222/223.

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    Tried with rev13a aswell. Can someone please help. Which IOS do I need if you don't know could you atleast tell me which ones are important and that you think that I should install them just in case.



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