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    I'm running homebrew channel on my wii, and my wiis 4.2U. I can run gba emulators and snes emulators fine.. just when i try to run wad manager, coverfloader,etc. it just gives me a black screen and my wii mote shuts off and can't reconnect at all. i think i corrupted my ios somehow.... what is the problem? when i ran startpatch v4.2.3u it says "YOUR I0S 250 IS MISSING" so that might be the problem, but how do i install it. im kinda new to this as u can probably realize, so please help out... lol i wanna run wii isos but it doesnt seem to work. also apps like dvdx installer gives me all kinds of errors.. i think im missing something. is there an app i can run to figure out what im missing??
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