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Thread: Backing Up Your Backups

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    Backing Up Your Backups

    This is useful if you deleted the iso off of your computer and need it again. Note this wouldn't work with originals, you can try but it wouldn't work.

    Things Needed
    -A Backup of Your Choice

    You need to be careful with this because many factors can cause a bad backup. For example, Scratchs on the DVD, Quality of the DVD-R and the speed it was burnt. if cared your DVDs, Burnt them at low speeds on Verbatim DVD-R or any other high quality DVD-R (not +R) then you shouldn't get a bad dump. Before you start insert the DVD into your DVD Drive.

    1) Open Up ImgBurn and Select 'Create Image file from disc'

    2) Make sure the source is where you inserted the DVD. The Label should show the name of the game.

    3) Under Destination, Browse for the place you would like to save the .iso and name it whatever you like.

    4) Press the button below to start Reading the disc.

    5) ImgBurn should now begin reading the disc. Allow it to finish with no errors or intervention. You should get a pop-up saying Operation Successful.

    You could try dragging the iso onto IOSPatcher and opening it with WiiScrubber to see if they both are able to read the iso.
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    I think this is self-explanatory, but very good guide and i like the pictures.

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    Would this work with Nero?

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    doesn't work with most of the dvd's in the world

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    ditto...Im sure alot of people are not aware of this... And i been using this method for years now and it has worked everytime for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ship_killer6666 View Post
    doesn't work with most of the dvd's in the world
    What the op is trying to say is that you may run into problems using lower quality DVD media, stick with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, DVD -R. Sure, any brand may work, but you are less likely to run into problems with high quality media.

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    Thumbs up thanks

    Thanks for posting this

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    so i have searched and havent found
    How do you do this with originals?

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    The original discs are encrypted and wii not work just like that. You need a special model of LG DVD Drives. If you do happen to have those take a look here:

    If you don't, you can dump a game to your HDD through your wii
    Dump the iso over wi-fi which may take sometime.

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    Backing up backups is easy with NERO. Just toss them in and run the disk copy. I've copied a bunch of them that way. I'm not using any special DVD drive just the standard drive that came in the computer... Now, I did have difficulties trying to copy backups on my Macintosh (OS-X Leopard).

    To back up originals I use DVD Dumper and send them via WiFi.

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