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Thread: Do I need to install preloader?

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    Cool Do I need to install preloader?

    I have installed the cios installer and have backup launcher installed should I install preloader? I had treid to install it but it gives an error message of missing nand file and title error and wont show settings. Also I tried to load homebrew browser and it keeps getting an error for list. How can I get the browser on here or do I need it? HELP!!!

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    If you're trying to install Preloade v0.30 and you're getting that error, install v0.29 first then update to v0.30

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    Or use startpatch from wiibrew. I used that with no error. But if you have preloader you have to disable it or it will cause problems with startpatch

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    startpatch i am using and i don't have no problem...

    It's just the same as pre loader i think....


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