Hello everyone.
Today I connect my 2 years Wii first time to wifi connection, and of course my firmware was updated to : 4.2U.

I found guide how to hack Wii (http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-...tem-menus.html

I installed everything from point A (with make NAND backup), next to part C8.

Now I want install point D.

I have question about : PRELOADER, because if I want install 0,3, I have error.
So for firmware 4.2 is not possible to install preloader?

What is best way to star my copy dvd games (I have Verbatim DVD-R burning with 4x speed) : NeoGamma r7 or maybe Backup_Launcher 0,3 Gamma?

Next question is for running games, it is possible to copy games give me a brick for console? How I can to prevent this? It is any way?

Last question is about game : Sin and Punishment 2, that game will work with NeoGamma or backup launcher or I must do other stuff to my console to start ?

Many thanks for help.