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Thread: Preloader but system menu/HBC/Boot.dol errors

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    Preloader but system menu/HBC/Boot.dol errors


    To anyone that can help myself and housemates will be greatful.

    I had researched softmodding a wii and gave instructions/files to my housemates (downloaded a set of file spec for hack on 4+ wii).

    They tell me they followed instructions and in the end they had HBC but could not load backups, in the process of checking this they noticed messages about updating HBC and preloader. In updating one of these two the system is now showing errors.

    Preloader loads ok.
    System Menu fails to load complaining about corrupt file system.
    Can't load HBC from preloader (talks about missing title)
    Unable to re-install boot.dol (DSI exception)

    I have searched for the above issues and I can find guides to correcting all but the dsi exception which seems to be what we need to get HBC working and reinstall the system menu.

    The guide for repair that I tried following was but we can't do #3 due to boot.dol having the exception.

    If it is any help I'm in Aus so running a PAL machine.

    Can anyone help us restore the wii so we can start again?
    I think I'll follow some guides here this time if I can get to that point.

    If I have missed something in searching please feel free to point it out, however this isn't a quick fire post it is after hours of searching/trying.

    Cheers in advance

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