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Thread: ERROR ret = -1 and = -106

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    ERROR ret = -1 and = -106

    I have the save game manager and I extracted all my save games off of my wii. Now that I am trying to put them back on using the manager I git the error ret = -106. Then if I use the game loader I get error ret = -1. I have tried reformatting my card again tried a better type of card a kodac and nothing. Any help anyone could give me would be great cause I have just lost 3 years worth of my saves!! I am about to turn my wii into a brick by not playing it anymore I am to mad this didn't work.

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    run the application and select the save you would like to copy to or from your Wii.
    Note: This app requires cIOS 249
    A save game must already exist on the wii to restore saved games. Play the game once and create a save file before restoring a save game using installer mode.
    - If the game has never been played you will get error 106
    - If no save game exists on the wii you will get error 1

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    You are the man that was exactly the can't believe that never crossed my mind. But it worked perfectly many thanks!!

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    im having the same problems, i have the cios 249, i already have a saved game (COS MW) BUT WHEN IRUN SAVEGAME INSTALLER I GET RET 1 ERROR, THEN WHEN I RUN SAVEGAME MANAGER I GET RET 106 ERROR. AN YHELP GUYS. DOES IT MATTER WHAT UPDATE U GOT ETC?

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    This is what I did.

    Just what ever game you want the saves back on your wii for. Put that game in, play it to get a save game file going. Then exit the game. Goto the extractor program and try and reload it with it now make sure your in install mode and not extract and it puts it in your previous save game.

    That is how I did mine with the help that was givin. and thanks again dude.


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