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Thread: Ultimate WiiHacks Index

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    Ultimate WiiHacks Index

    This thread no longer is up to date. Some of the links may work, others may not. Much has happened in the Wii modding scene since then. If a link is broken, chances are there is a new and updated guide for it. Do a bit of searching.

    Hello and Welcome To, before asking any questions, you should look here. Most answers can be found by using this index.

    ~Site Related~
    Site Rules

    Read First Before Submitting Tutorials

    Connecting to WiiHacks iRC with mIRC

    Connecting to WiiHacks iRC with ChatZilla


    Submitted News

    ~Useful Stuff~
    Some General Information on the Nintendo Wii

    Wii cIOS Explained

    Complete List of IOS and Their Functions

    Media: DVD-R for backups Not DVD+R

    BitTorrent for Beginners

    Getting Started With WiiScrubber

    Setting Up Trucha Signer

    Everything You Need To Know About Preloader

    Understanding Your Wii - (Wii Dictionary)

    [Simple Guide] NUS Downloader

    USB Device Compatibility List

    Loading and Playing Wii Backup Games from USB HDD

    Backup Loader Basics


    Softmodding FAQ

    New 3.1 - 4.1 Softmod ANY Wii

    Full Hacking Guide for 4.2 System Menu

    Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii

    4.3 Virgin Softmod Guide

    Play Gamecube Backups on Your Wii

    Play DVDs on Your Wii with MPlayer CE and DVDX

    Install Hermes' cIOS202, 222 and 223

    How to use Waninkoko's cIOS Installer

    [Advanced]Install Seperate Base iOS as cIOS249/250

    [ADVANCED]How to install DIOS MIOS

    How to Create Forwarders with Loadstructor

    How To make custom levels in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    How To Create Homebrew Forwarders

    Create Your Own Channels With Wadder

    Easily Create Channels With CustomizeMii

    [ADVANCED]"Impossible-to-Update" Wii (Super Hard To Brick)

    How to disassemble your Wii

    iOS Updating for HardMods

    Wasabi Zero Installation Video

    How to install WiiClip

    How to install DriveKey Video

    How to disassemble a Wiimote

    WODE Installation Guide

    WODE General FAQs

    Replacing Your Wii's Internal Parts!

    ~ModChip Suppliers~

    Updating Your Old Softmods

    Upgrade to 4.1 with Homebrew Still Working

    WiiShop and IOS61 Installer

    Offline Update to 4.1

    ~Creating and Recording ISO~
    Dumping and Recording .iso Files

    How to Create Discs Containing Multiple GC Games

    Backing Up Your Backups

    Make Perfect Backups from Original Wii DVDs with SuperDump!

    Burning Wii Backups On Mac OS X

    ~Downloadable Content~
    TriiForce MRC User Guide - How to load Wiiware from USB Drive or SD Card

    All DLC Unlocked in Rock Band 2

    Error Code Index

    Fix 'No Vulnerable iOS Error When Installing HackMii

    ~Game Related Problems~
    IOS Games Use To Run

    Guitar Hero 5 Guide

    Getting Rock Band Instruments To Work

    How to play Wii Sports Resort

    Getting Metroid Prime Trilogy To Work

    IOS Needed To Run Channels/VC/Wiiware

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Monster Hunter Tri

    Call of Duty Black Ops Guide

    Problematic Games and getting them to work

    ~Removing Softmods~
    How to Make Your Wii A Virgin

    How to Uninstall cIOSCorp from Your Wii

    Bricking and Unbricking FAQs

    READ First Bricking Tips

    How to use Autobooting Drivekey/Wasabi DX to Unbrick Your Wii

    Un-semibrick your wii walkthrough

    Fully Bricked Wii with Bootmii/boot2 installed but No Nand Backup

    Using NAND Formatter to Completely Re-install/Format your Wii

    Use Betwiin to Recover your Wii

    boot2 Compatible Wii Serials



    This isn't a thread for you to ask for help in.
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    We try to keep this index updated with the newer additions as they appear.....thx

    note: only staff have the ability to edit/add/..this thread of ss2's
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