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Thread: how to instal gx loader help

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    how to instal gx loader help

    hi i wonder if someone can help i have softmodded my wii with the first bannerbomb hack
    my wii is on 3.2e
    and i have no Internet connection on my wii

    just a couple of things do i instal a usb loader on my wii i need to leave a sd card in the wii i need to update the ios (read somewhere that you need to update the ios to stop getting error's on game disc loading)
    4. if i do need to update the ios how do i do this without my wii being on the internet

    i know i should be looking through the forums for the answers but i have been and now im more confused than b4 i started

    just need someone to give me a idiots guide for a idiot and a newbie me

    many thanks

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    You should follow this guide
    New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii

    The only difference is you will be offline, so in step 4 if you want to upgrade you will have to do it via wad install. You could stay at 3.2e or upgrade to 4.1e. If you upgrade to 4.1e you will have to install IOS60-patched first, then install systemmenu-v450.wad. Then continue on to step 5 of the guide.


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