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Thread: Downloading xbox 30 games

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    Downloading xbox 30 games

    My husband had my Wii and his Xbox 360 modded to play downloaded versions of the games. I figured out how to do this for the wii. My question is can I use the same software to do this for the xbox 360? I used Ntorrents, then winrar and extract here to get the ISO, then Imgburn to burn ( I found how to change the settings in Imgburn for xbox 360) and I know to use double layer discs. My question is can I use the Ntorrent and winrar and is that all I need? Thanks in advance.

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    Simple answer is yes.

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    yes you can although i would recomend using verbatim discs as they work perfectly 99% of the time .if you download the games that come with 2 files and click on the small file it will set up img burn to write the disc correctly by itself .Always write at at 2.4 speed and use these disc and you should get perfect working copies
    hope this helps

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    i would suggest using abgx360 witch checks if the game is stelth and every thing RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
    and use the .dvd file instead of the iso

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    you might not wanna go on with a backup even if it's stealth or not becuz you can still get banned... you can get any +dl disc becuz I used them all and they all work fine but that's just me and couple of thousands of ppl...

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    My advice to you is with the 360 is not to play it online, everyone I know gets baned sooner or later.I have one that I play online were I buy the odd game so I have an ligit one, were I buy the live membership. then i have a 360 that I have flashmoded just to play offline 360 burned games.(It was a used one that I payed $80) I dont play everygame online anyways. And for the 360 burning , theirs a tatorial on you tube how to do it. you need to check the iso first with abgx360 whitch is a free program. then you burn the DVD file with imgburn.its easy, You also need DL+DVDs because its over 7gB most games. And no I dont think it matters what type of DVD you use, as long as you burn at 2x. I have used whatever didks are on sale and their all fine. I havent had a problem.Hopes this helps. CHEERS
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    get abgx360!


    Please please please before doing anything run the ISO through this file. Then just double click the .dvd file it gives you and let imgburn do the rest.

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    ABGX is currently useless. It will not protect you on xbox live. Current ABGX checks don't detect proper split vid status.

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    I disagree. It currently can detect errors of any kind, if it can't repair them you will be warned. Right now all firmwares are detectable on 8955 dash board

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    yes lefos is correct!!ABGX helps also repair the iso if it has any corrupt files also. I have tried before just doing streight IMIG burn and my disk didnt work, (wanted to shave 10 mins off my time) but when I checked it with ABGX it worked perfect, SO for the 10 mins it takes, I do it now, save me $$ on disks. But the other guy is right about the online thing with ABGX, Its useless, everyone gets caught eventually.Just buy a used 360 and flash it. If you love the game and want to go online, buy it. Thats what I do, and the kids will have something to play and wont hog everything,lol( god forbid you can play a game and they are siting in your lap to play) CHEERS Boys.

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