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Thread: should i update to 4.2? i got it all going well...

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    Us should i update to 4.2? i got it all going well...

    i just installed homebrew and now i was thinking of updating so games dont ask me to update. now im not sure how i did it but im able to load backups with out uloader or gamma wii gator. i just load them like normal games. but they ask me to update the system. should i update with Waninkoko 4.2 update? and if i do will i have to do anything to get backups to load again?

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    I thought updating to 4.2 was a no no at the moment. I heard it could make the ability to play off external usb invalid.

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    Updating to version 4.2 is not necessary. It was created an by Nintendo for the purpose of stopping piracy and homebrew. This did not work and it was re-hacked in a week. Version 4.2 does not provide any needed updates for games. The current version you have is fine.

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    so then why is it when i pop games in it ask me to update? punchout, mari kart, and super smah bros. im at 4.1. when i use the wii game loader ( not uloader or gamma loader) it ask me to update.

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    From what I can tell the disk tell your wii to check it version against the latest version that Nintendo has and if its not current it want to update. As far as I know no game comes with an update past 3.3 or 3.4 on it and no game needs more than that version installed.


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