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Thread: Need Help with wii setup.

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    Ca Need Help with wii setup.


    guys I have a wii witch is 4.1v I have homebrew with neogamma...I have burnt games and all is working now I know they say if is't broke don't fix it...
    However I woundering how do I know with all the new games coming out with what files I should have and cios should I be at how do I knwo what cios I have? or if all the games are working beside the odd pal game should i just leave my wii alone and keep playing on? not sure what ios's I should have besides ios38
    is there anything I should know? like how do i update the shop channel don't understand where to place the files on my sd card ,also what is title lister? where do I put these filles on my sd card..please help would be great.

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    If you run into a game that gives you a black screen, you can check here to see if you need to install an IOS:

    Wad files are to be placed in a Wad folder on your SD card Root directory:

    For HBC to read your SD correctly, your card must be structured SD:Apps/Application Name/boot.dol. In every Apps folder, there is a boot.dol, icon.png, and meta.xml:
    SD:/Apps/Application Name/boot.dol, icon.png, meta.xml

    AnyTitleDeleter can be used to identify your installed IOSes, channels, etc. Be careful not to inadvertently push buttons while using AnyTitleDeleter. Do not delete any IOSes under 200.

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    ok so ios used for 3.1 can also be used for 4.1? so I have a game that need ios55 if i don't have it I instlal by using the wad manager right? man i would liek to know if there anything i need to update on my wii 4.1 your just saying I need to just add iso?

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    IOS Patcher works good drag your ISO file into the patcher it tells you wich IOS is required to run that game, since your using IOS38 just type 249 and press enter twice then burn your ISO file.

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    not sure i understand....I have a game that need ios55 and I ahve ios36 why 249 in ios patcher so if i put in 249 for all games they will all work? man i'm lost on this lol

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    IOS36rev10 is IOS249 if your game says its using ie: IOS53 you change it to run off IOS249 so you dont have to install diferent IOS's for all your games

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    Dont confuse him more than you already have. Let me explane it better. In order to get burned games to work on your console, you need to install cios249. That installs as ios249. Then youll need to install the newest version which is cios38 rev14. That installs as ios249 so that they work together hand in hand. So if a new cios comes out, once again youll install that as ios249. Now the ios' that a game needs are nintendo ios, not cios which are custom ios. Those simply just install to your console. So if you see a game that requires ios56, simply install that ios. You can do that 1 of 2 ways. you can either extract that ios from the game using wiiscrubber or you can find that file on this site. All ios' install via wad manager. Those files (wad) get placed on the root of your sd card. Youll run wad manager using the homebrew channel. Youll select either wad install or intenet, select wad, it will then give you a list of the wad(s) on your sd card. Select the one you want to install and install it.
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    To all thanks for the help....I belive I may have it.


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