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Thread: USB Loader GX [themes]

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    *resolved* USB Loader GX [themes]

    I'm lost, and my brain hurts. I've downloaded a few themes from within the GUI, but... For the life of me, I cannot find where to activate the theme! Googled, wiihacks searched, nothing. Anyone wanna give me some direction? I feel foolish enough having to ask... =**[

    EDIT: So on their irc, they are saying to change the themepath, and I did that, but still unsure how to activate that theme.

    Be nice if there was a "browse installed themes" option, and a cute little window to show you a preview of the installed theme, select that and boom, that theme gets activated. I know, I'm a needy n00b. LoL! TIA everyone!

    RESOLVED: So you update the path, and when you exit, it automatically changes to that theme. I think I was using a defunkt'd theme or something, either that, or a setting is a lil different, so I'll look into that. Still, be nice to have a "theme browser", either way. I got it, hehe. Thanks again!
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