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Thread: What do I need to burn Metroid Prime Trilogy?

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    What do I need to burn Metroid Prime Trilogy?

    Metroid Prime Trilogy and SSBB are the only games that need dual-layer discs and I was wondering what do I need exactly and what do I need to do to burn a dual-layer game.

    I've searched around on the forum and have heard some people talking about D+R DL discs, D-R DL discs, speeds to burn at etc.

    Can someone just explain and give me an Idiot's guide on burning Dual layer discs.
    Thanks in advance.

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    hey there,

    I have not burned a Dual Layer Wii game before, but I have tons of experience burning Xbox 360 games which require DL. It's basically the same formula:

    1. Extract RARs (unless you downloaded a pre-extracted ISO)

    2. Start IMGBurn, and choose "write image file to disc"

    3. Before burning, make sure you choose 2x-2.4x write speed (cause the bigger the ISO the more delicate it becomes)

    3a. Also you need to set the "Layer break". To do this, go to tools, settings, click on the "write" tab, and where you see "layer Break" on the right, there will be two options: "calculate Optimal" and "User Specified". Choose User specified, and type 1913760. Just to make sure, that is the correct layer break, your ISO should come with a DVD file. Use Notebook to open this file and it should give you the layer break number. save your settings and commence step 4.

    4. Just to make sure, check the "verify" box to have IMGBurn check for errors after burn.

    5. Now burn away!!

    Note: Burning an ISO that is 7GB or above at any speed other than 2x-2.4x is only gonna give you a headache (lag, might not boot).
    If you get lag even after burning it at 2x, take in the fact that you burned a coaster ( I know it hurts. Dual Layers are expensive) and burn it even slower.

    Good luck!!!
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    Thanks, I've been doing max burn speeds with my SL games and they've worked fine but I guess I've just been lucky, I'll make sure I limit it with the DL discs.

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    follow scrambles tutorial, but just one thing. the layer break for metroid prime trilogy is 2084960!

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    Yes, the layer break is 2084960 for all of the DL Wii games (3 of them). Also if you have a DVD+rDL disc (-rDL are very hard to find retail), then you will want to change the booktype in ImgBurn to DVD-Rom since most wii systems have trouble reading +r media. You can burn the image at 4x speed if you have a decent burner and are not accessing the same HDD that the image you are burning is on. I have burned this game and the other 2 multiple times at this speed with no problems what so ever. If you are running this thru neogamma or softchip you need cIOS 38 rev 17 installed. rev14 does not have DL support rev15 only work with certain betas of neogamma and rev16 doesnt work with neogamma at all.

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    thanks sonoranreptile! i burnt it three times with dl+r and was getting errors like error 1027 and timeout. i could play it fine with wiiflow, and i was like wtf! it must be the disk. at bestbuy they told me that they don't make dl-r, but yesterday i found some verbatim dl-r's on amazon. wish i would have read your reply first, i would have just changed the booktype! but i know this will help the community.

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    just one more thing! the oneup version is the only one i found in which all three games work. in the others, only prime and echoes work not corruption!


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