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Thread: what is this mod chip?

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    Exclamation what is this mod chip?

    Dear experts, I'm new to Wii and just got my hand on a Hardware modded Wii. I had open up the casing to check the mod-chip but cant figure out which is it.

    The model I saw on the chip is "actel proasic3". and there's some soldering as well.

    Can someone please be kind to tell me which is my? WiiKEy? D2Dpro? or... Thanks in advance.

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    A simple search has told me you probably have an Infectus2.

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    Hi, thanks for the confirmation, I did make some search and there's a few of them and wasn't sure which is mine.

    Can I check another thing?
    1. Is softmod better than hardware mod? what's the different? I was told that softmod is better now.

    2. Can I install USB Loader onto of the mod-chip? I was told also that I cant do that.

    Appreciate if some kind soul could help me, if really can't install usbloader onto of the mod-chip, then I will have to get the mod-chip removed in order to play the games from my USB HDD.

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    Why would you remove the mod-chip again????? You know, you can have both hardmod and softmod wii at the same time. Mines is hardmodded and then was softmodded a few weeks later. There are no problems and you will not have any troubles with them conflicting. You should check out dogeggs 3.1-4.1 softmodding tutorial to get you wii softmodded so that you can use the usb loader.
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    People have different views over which is better, if you are just playing backup discs then hardmod wins hands down. If you are going further into gaming i.e USB loading then you do need softmod which can be done wether you have a chip or not.

    I too have a chip and softmod and for the past couple of months I havent even inserted a disc into the wii.

    Softmodding can allow many other programs to run including one's that allow you to run video files from usb and sd as well as some pretty cool homebrew games that people have made/ported.

    I recommend doing a lot of reading before attempting a softmod, easy process with the right info. (the link the guy above gave is the bible around here)

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    Hi Thucncao,
    Thanks for the info of soft mod. Get it to work like charm, easy step by step guide. much appreciated.
    You save my day, almost got con by the shop, cos I went to the shop which I bought the set and he told me with hard mod I cant have USB Loader, so have to sent in to them and de-chip then install softmod....

    Hi GGXena,
    Many thanks. Can you also tel me what program you use to run video off the external hard disk?

    Also, what application is good? After doing the softmod, realise I can add a lot more WADs. Where can I get them? many thanks. Also which version of USB Loader is good at the moment, did some research with my mantor (Google) and there's tons of them.

    LASTLY, How come the games in my external hard disk does not show the CD Cover? hard to identify what game is it sometime by reading the name.


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