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Thread: Pros I need your HELP Plz !

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    Unhappy Pros I need your HELP Plz !

    So I don't even know if this is the right section to post my thread, but feel free to move me.

    I just got a new Wii from Malaysia last night from a friend and after plugging it in, I can see a channel called "SoftChip"

    I've been told that I need to use the "SoftChip" channel to play the games, so it worked for like 5 hours and then in the middle of a Wii Sports game it got stuck and after rebooting, everytime I try to use the "SoftChip" channel I get this error Exception: ioctl error (DI_ReadID)


    Anyway, as I have no clue about Wiis and Modding them, I started reading this forum, and I can now provide you with the following info about my Wii:

    Firmware is 4.0U
    Homebrew Channel is installed
    Softchip r99
    I don't know what IOSs are but I can see IOS249 installed
    I have the Neogamma Channel but I don't know what to do with it
    The Mii Channel isn't working (Maybe that's normal but I don't know)
    I did not connect my Wii to the internet nor upgrade it.

    I have read that there are alternative ways to run backup disks...
    Please I need your help, how can I play backup games again ! Do I need to re-mod my Wii
    Please provide steps or helpful links, I would be highly appreciative.

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    Guys ??? Any ideas ?

    Some more info, when running the Neogamma channel r7
    I get the error 1101
    and it also says that the rev is 13

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