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Thread: I've forgotten everything.

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    I've forgotten everything.

    So... I'm posting in the newbie corner... I used to know alot about Wii hacking and kept updated on everything.. but for about a year and a half now I haven't really been keeping updated.

    I used to be a part of Ntorrents, had a good ratio, but didn't log in for quite some time and now my account is gone from there.

    I have a modded wii with a first gen wiikey i believe. Last thing I can remember it was updated so that I can play mario galaxy and smash bros brawl (burnt and original copy). After that I can't really remember.

    I'm just wondering now if there are any updates... is it safe to update my Wii (as I'm assuming there's been several updates since).

    I just want to get back into the swing of things.

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    well, above everything, u just remember not to update to 4.2 unless it's ABSOLUTELY needed after u reading most of the recent threads in FAQ about it.

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    Haha, I'm in somewhat of the same situation as you. I haven't been keeping "up to date" with all the new stuff. All I have to say is that a lot has changed from the old days. Nintendo found a method to completely abolish homebrew channel in an update. Of course 2-3 days later, it came back xD. And the supreme force that is known as "Boot Mii" was released, and that's saved my arse a few times of course. Always helpful to have a NAND backup at your disposal so if you screw anything up, you can fix it.

    Then of course we have USB Loaders, which is another major and popular installment to the scene. And you should to never update your Wii. There is an application that allows you to update your Wii to a higher firmware (Waninkoko coded it) which is the reason I am on 4.1.

    I might reccomend reading some of the guides and FAQs before you continue to experiment.
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