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Thread: VC black screen

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    VC black screen

    Hi, I have the dreaded 4.2u and it is softmodded. I followed the "Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!!" guild and it worked. Then I started to load vc games and they all black screen. Wiiware will play fine but all others black screen. The vc started out as pal and i use freethewads to set the region to free. And I still have no luck.

    I have installed 36 53 55 60 and 9 ios. And still have had no luck with getting a vc to play. Any ideas? thanks

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    So far only Mario 64 will work. All nes and snes games have blacked screen and locked the wii up.

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    Take a look at this guide, I hope it helps:

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    Thanks gen3sf, I looked at this page and I'm not understanding why would Mario 64 run and not SMB. Because they use the same ios. My 64 games run but the sound is kinda scratchy. What do you recomend

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    Hi, sorry to bring this thread back up, but I'm still have issues with playing most of my vc games. N64 seems to work but nes and snes seem to lock up my wii. I know my cios 249 is installed correctly and i have startpatch install. I doped ios 9 36 37 38 53 55 and still nothing. I'm using wad manager 1.4 and installing with 249. My wiiware games work fine. And my back ups load fine with neo gamma 1.7. I looked on the tut gen3sf suggested and still had no luck finding the error. I even thought maybe my wads were bad so I used some backs I know work and still had issues. My wads are region free or ntsc. Any advise is welcome because I got my classic controller so my wife and I could play some mario brothers. And now that I know this isn't working its driving me nuts to get it straighten out. Thanks

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    Try using wads within your region instead of using freethewads

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    I'm having the same problem but with MySims Agent and I have no idea which IOS'S I need to install for it to work.

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    Thank you shadow sonic. Man, I made sure my source were ntsc and they were pals that were converted to ntsc. So then I went and found another set of wads that started life as ntsc and they load up like a charm. I appreciate all your advise and if you ever needed anything welded come and give me a pm


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