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Thread: Error! (ret= -2011) wii version 4.2, with homebrew channel.

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    Unhappy Error! (ret= -2011) wii version 4.2, with homebrew channel.

    For some reason, when i go into "cIOS38r14 installer" and come to the option of picking my "ISO" version... either my wii remote dies on me or it works, but i get that error code trying to install it.

    Anyone know why this is happening? It happens with everything!

    what am i doing wrong?

    By the way, im a complete NOOB at this website and mod my wii! so be nice I'm just pleased with myself that i got this far... and annoyed that i can't get any further!
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    Are you following this guide?

    Reload this Page Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!!

    If so repeat part B
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    the error is that it isnt installing the way it should.maybe you are putting the file in the wrong direction.

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    ok i folowed messie steps but on b8 i got a problem it just won't let me uninstall i installed it then when i tried to uninstall it won't let me what do i do?am i in trouble


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    don't reply to threads that are over a year old.

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