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Thread: Noob question

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    Noob question

    I've used the awesome 4.2 guide and all is working perfectly. I was just wondering what this bit meant:

    "Also be sure to scrub the update and region free your backups, so all of them play on 4.2"

    Sorry if I am missing something obvious.

    Oh - I forgot to say: thanks a million, you guys rock!

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    Scrubbing refers to basically "scrubbing" or the taking out of updates that are on the original ISO so the disc doesn't try to do a system update in order to play the game. And as far as the region free stuff goes, to my knowledge you don't really have to do this anymore as there are usually region patchers already implemented in the loader programs [usually in the settings are of the loader, will say "Force : NTSC or Force : PAL"] but if you wanna be safe try getting a program called WiiFree it will region free your ISOs before burn.


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