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Thread: Program Like PreLoader

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    Program Like PreLoader

    What programs are available that are like PreLoader (prevent automatic disc updates and such) for Wii that work with 4.2E?

    Iv hear PreLoader is bricking alot of 4.2 firmwares so im kinda edgy on installing it.

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    it is not bricking anyone if you do it right

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    Ok cool
    I had a look on your guide to install all of the essentials such as HBC and bootmii BUT it didnt understand where to get preloader? Do i have todownload it as a wad or what?

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    yes its a little fuzzy i will change it sometime. DOP ios 36 with all hacks available, then install ios70 as a wad, with wadmanager, then create in your SD:/apps/ directory a "prelaoder" folder and place prelaoder's boot.dol in it, if it is not named as boot.dol, rename it so. access HBC and find it and run it and it will install (remember not to uninstall anything)

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    I endud up just installing Starpatch and taht worked fine.

    Also im getting a black screen when i try to launch USBLoader GX (iv tried from both the channel and HBC)


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