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Thread: DSi LL Announced!!

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    Exclamation DSi LL Announced!!

    Source: VGChartz

    Confirming the multitude of online rumors and newspaper reports, Nintendo of Japan has officially unveiled the next-iteration of the popular DS hardware - the Nintendo DSi LL. The move marks the third revision of the 100+ million-selling portable, and will be available at Japanese retailers starting November 21st.

    Keep reading for more details, first images, and more!

    Featuring newer, larger screens that measure 4.2" (up from the original DSi's 3.25"), the DSi LL will sport the original DSi's hardware make-up and processing power. Bundled in with the hardware will be a longer stylus, as well as three DSi software games (two brain-training, one dictionary) pre-installed on the console's internal memory. The console will come in three distinct colors, Wine Red, Dark Brown, and Natural White.

    The Nintendo DSi LL will retail for 20,000 (roughly $220) and hit Japanese retailers on November 21st. No word yet if the company has plans to release the updated console outside its home country yet, but stay tuned for more.


    Wide screen DSi FTW!!!

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    yeah i saw that. looks pointless. while the screen is bigger, the games will just look more pixellated and crap.

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    Omg deja vu ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


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