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Thread: Will I Brick?

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    Will I Brick?

    As some of you may remember my neogamma couldn't run backup games so I tried to downgrade to a lower cIOS and that screwed up. Im about to update my Wii to 4.2 and re-virginize my WII but im hearing about this Error 003 where some users have bricked their Wiis after they updated with homebrew channel installed. I have heard that has something to do with region conversion or something.

    What im asking is if I update my WII (North American) will I end up bricking it? Or will it simply remove all my softmods?

    Thanks in advance

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    Well that depends.
    If your wii is a region-changed Korean Wii, then it will get #003 error.
    If not, then no.

    But I wouldn't update to 4.2 anyway, The official 4.2 update updates your wii's boot2, which removes bootmii (if you have it installed as boot2). In some cases, an official 4.2 update might not update boot2 properly, and brick your wii.

    Also, if you have cIOSCORP v3.x installed, an update WILL NOT REMOVE IT.

    What else do you have installed? (other than HBC, NeoGamma, and cIOS249)

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    reveal the serial number of ur Wii for possible advice.
    a K in the nmber means Korean-based; and u should never go update 4.2 (at least today). It definitely BRICKs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Have you tried deleting cIOS through AnyTitleDeleter and then re-installing the version you want?

    That fixed it for me.


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