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Thread: 2 quick questions

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    2 quick questions

    I have soft modded my Wii YAY
    Is it possible to boot games from the SD card? if so what size cards do they take up to.
    If not is it possilbe to put a usb hard disk to them and if so is there any specal things i need to do the drive to make it work?


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    i think 4 gigs and you would'nt b able to fit too many games on an sd card. Try neo gamma or usb loader. There's threads on it all over the place.

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    lol unless u have some huge sd card u can't even hold 1 if you do have a huge 1 u can only hold 1 games are exactly 4.7GB

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    Yea. and u would wind up spending more on an sd card than its worth. dvd-r is cheaper.

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    it gets tiresome burning wii games for me, i'd say spend the extra money and get a external hard drive, i'd say a 500 gig or 1tb would be plenty big and they are kinda cheap at walmart right now about 120-150 for a 1tb hd

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    external hard drive is a good way 1tb $100 and your done messing around

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    Here is a tutorial I hope will help you choose your HDD and get it set up:

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    I highly Recommend buying a pack of 10 DVD-R's for 5$! so 10 games for 5$ worth it?

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    could you use a flash dirve?
    i tried to have a go with my 16gig one, did not raelly do much and now its not really working in windows even though i done a format of it again in windows?
    did i read somewhere that you should not play original games on your sof modded wii?
    and that i should turn off updates for my wii to?

    sorry its up to more than 2 quick questions now

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    well the game should most certainly be scrubbed first before you play it [so you can take out the system updates on the disc itself] and yes turn WiiConnect24 OFF

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