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Thread: WBFS for Mac and SSBB

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    WBFS for Mac and SSBB

    I'm using WBFS manager for mac v1.2 but it won't copy SSBB over to my HD. I've heard using a newer version can fix this but I can't find a download for it anywhere.

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    I have the same problem. When I try to Add SSBB to my HDD using WBFS 1.2 for Mac it will get to 100% and then the ISO doesnt appear. Odd thing is, SSBB works fine on my flash drive.


    So I found a post on a separate site that mentions you need to partition your HDD using the Master Boot Record option in Disk Utility (Partition-->Options). Sure enough, my Flash Drive was partitioned using Master Boot Record, but my HDD was partitioned using the IntelMac-friendly GUI.

    So I theorized, "surely if I repartition my Flash Drive using the GUI option that SSBB will fail to work on that as well." Wrong. SSBB still worked on my Flash Drive, even when partitioned using GUI.

    SOLUTION. So I simply used SD USB Loader on my wii to extract the ISO directly to my HDD. And it runs fine.

    Not much of a solution however. Questions still remain for me. I have extracted the ISO from my HDD to my Mac. Will I able to Add it later if I wipe my HDD? And did Brick Blocking the previous ISO prevent it from loading on WBFS? All my other Brick Blocked games load fine on WBFS, but none of them are dual-layered. Perhaps Brick Block does something to Dual-Layered games. Course, the question still remains...why did the previous ISO work fine on my Flash? Was it because it was extracted from the disc directly to the Flash?

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    So I did delete the ISO from my HDD, and then added it using WBFS. And it loads. Odd.

    In short, my advice is to us SD USB Loader to backup your copy of SSBB onto your HDD, and then back it up to you computer.


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