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Thread: Firmware modchips will be possible ... soon!

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    Firmware modchips will be possible ... soon!

    First Firmware Modchip hacking is in the making.

    This hack wont be attached to the Drive-chip but to the mainboard. With such a chip you ll be able to play backups and homebrew.

    Source: Wii hacked it!

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    Wow! Really cool, I would like one of these

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    could some one explain what this means to my understanding the current gen dvd mod chips can do that. what can this do that is better? what type of things could it lead to that current mod chips cant?

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    dose that mean that we dont have to open the wii and solder wires
    so everyone can do it
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    i'm sure what it mean is it will mod the WII Main board instead of just the dvd drive. This mean modification to the wii main board's firmware which could be detect by nintendo which could lead to WFC banage like XBox 360 live =) Too risky to have something totally detectable like this. And jora since it is a modchip you gonna have to open your wii and SOLDER/INSTALL it in a way =)

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    Well below is a comment (#4) that says otherwise from the person who wrote the article:

    I really hoped I wouldn’t have to say this again and again, but some people still got it wrong:

    No, my target is NOT to create a “drivechip-free warez solution”. IT IS NOT. GET THAT. I also won’t approve any pingbacks from (or comments containing links to) forums which don’t get this. It’s not my job to protect the vendor against piracy (and drivechips are already a dead easy method, what do you want more?! Also getting the hardware for free?), but I definitely don’t support that. Piracy is possible only because of the drive’s insecurity. Whether the wii itself is hacked or not doesn’t really matter in that point.

    I still can’t understand how people are so stupid to claim that “there is a modchip in the making, source:”. This is not only wrong, it’s plain stupid. If they would have read (and understand) my post, they would have seen that my overly complex method to emulate the NAND chip is for *development* purposes, and nothing you want to build more than once. But what should I expect… (And if they didn’t understand my post - agreed, there is much technical stuff in it -, why did they draw some conclusions?)

    Are you still wondering why #wiidev is such an unfriendly place? This is the answer.

    Comment by tmbinc — January 30, 2008 @ 3:27 pm

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    correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this team called infectus did that sort of hack to the nand already?

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    current mod chips are working so well i wouldn't bother...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiiModz View Post
    current mod chips are working so well i wouldn't bother...
    Agreed to a degree. Its possible this can open up new doors to the modding scene, but at the same time sacrifice some of the stealth we have with drive mods. If someone were to go this way theyd need to make it worth wild for people to switch.
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    My theory is...if it ain't broke..don't fix it!! Things are fine just the way they are now.

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