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Thread: Need help with converting file into iso

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    Us Need help with converting file into iso

    As my username states, I am a wii virgen (no, not mispelled, its spanish for virgin incase anyone was wondering). Anyway, I have downloaded some emulators that I can't convert into an iso file. I am trying to burn the ISO onto a DVD-R like all the guides I have found are stating. This is what I have done, maybe someone can let me know where I am messing up:

    1. Downloaded the emulator file for the wii. (Wii64), It is saved onto my desktop of my laptop as a WinRAR Zip archive file.
    2. I right click on the saved WinRaR Zip archive file, and select the extract files here icon. (2) Folders are then posted on my desktop (wii64), (apps), and one README file.
    3. I read that I need to extract the ISO file from the WinRAR file and burn it with IMGburn onto a DVD-R. I am then able to insert this DVD-R into my Wii to play the emulators off of the DVD-R. (sounds easy enough....but....)

    My problem is, I don't know what to burn as an ISO...or even how to get the correct ISO from these files.

    A. I have tried to use IMGburn to get the ISO file that I need by selecting the Create Image File from Files and Folders option and trying to convert all of the (3) extracted items (listed above) and all their files into an ISO. I then used the same program and selected the Write Image File to Disk to burn those items onto a DVD-R.

    B. I have tried to use IMGburn to get the ISO file that I need by selecting the Create Image File from Files and Folders option and trying to convert just the boot.dol file, located in the Apps folder that was extracted, into the ISO file. Same as before, I used IMGburn to wrtie the image to a DVD-R by using the Write Image File to Disk option.

    C. This time around, I just made a data DVD and burned all the extracted folders and files onto the DVD-R.

    I stuck each of the DVD-Rs from A, B, and C above into my Wii to play those games and I can't get it to work. I go into my homebrew channel and use the Homebrew Disc Loader ver 0.3 from Sierradev to play my load/play my emulators.
    I get an error. No suitable program on disc, and that I need to make sure I have a ISO9660 DVD inserted.

    Can someone please help me out with this!!!????
    please reply soon. Thank you!
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    You have an emulator, you don't burn it. Put the app folder on your sd card, look inside it and make sure you see boot.dol, if you see something-else.dol rename it to boot.dol. This is for any homebrew.
    Your sd card should look like this
    sc-card:/apps/(homebrew app folder)/boot.dol

    If you play backups you will most likely download a torrent of the game as a rar. Unrar the iso from the rar. An iso is an image of a disk-exact copy. You then burn the iso to dvd with imgburn.

    wii64 is still in development, probably wont work how you want. You will have much better results with snes, etc.
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    mauifrog, I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post. I will do as you said. Before I do, I want to make sure that by inserting my wii SD card in my laptop, that this stupid thing won't try to formatt it and therefore, f- up my card. You know what I mean? Will it be ok ? and secondly, after I stick the SD card back in my wii, how do I load the roms onto my wii so that I may play them?

    If too much to type up, I'll try to find a tutorial on it, thanks.

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    Okay wiivirgen to make things easy for you. If you have a gamecube memory card and the emulators that you are trying to use are the old school ones For Example Snes,Nes, Sega Genesis, then look for an iso called wii multiboot 2500+ rom games
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