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Thread: Downgrading NeoGamma ?

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    Downgrading NeoGamma ?

    ATM i have NeoGamma r7, but this gives me the dvd read error 1101. I read that downgrading to neogamma v6 r10 can solve this, but how do i go about doing this? Step by step instructions would be helpful, including where to place the files in the sd

    On Neogamma v7 r14, it gives error 1101
    On Neogamma v6 r14, it gives error 972

    Burned again on a DVD-R, last time was a +R...
    So its running on an IOS249R14, Neogamma 7 and 6. However, in both versions, it gets past the wii warning, shows the title, then the screen stretches vertically and it remains black and white, and nothing loads. Can someone explain how/if to downgrade to IOS36R10?
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    set the disk region to system default or force pal/ntsc

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    Actually I did put force for that, and i changed the video settings to NTSC 480p, and now Wii Grand Slam Tennis runs fine. TY though


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