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Thread: High Def Legend Of Zelda:OoT

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    High Def Legend Of Zelda:OoT

    I have a high def texture pack linked up with my legend of zelda:Ocarina Of Time for project 64 on my computer and it looks absolutely AMAZING. IF ANYONE knows if theres a .wad of a high def texture packed version of Ocarina Of Time for the wii, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

    Thanks a lot!!

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    you cant do that, enjoy it only for pc...

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    Wii64 may in a future release support the texture packs.

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    yeah... on 0.0004x speed

    ask the wode ppl to put an emulator in the wode

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    I don't feel like spamming their forum with useless questions, ask Theta he may do it.

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