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Thread: Wii Updated by game and backup launcher don't work anymore.

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    Wii Updated by game and backup launcher don't work anymore.

    Hi, i already posted it in another topic but no answer, so, i put it in this section for maybe an answer ASAP

    I bought a newer Wii with 4.0U firmware version and with that came Wii Fit, i did the Softmod before all things and then, i put Wii Fit in the console to play it, it was asking me to do an update and i accidentally did that, now, my Neogamma do not work anymore. When i put a burned game in my console, it came up a black screen and then .. nothing .. can i do something to play backup again ?

    Thank You for your answer

    Edit: i DID NOT install Bootmii or Preloader and i DO NOT want to install it 'cause i don't want to hack my wii too much, just want to play games with backup launcher, nothing else. Also, i don't want to install a modchip don't know how it's working, just softmod Thank you again

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    Listen very carefully!!!

    Your going to eventually brick your Wii with these kinds of stupid moves. Don't worry everyone does. If you have Bootmi installed then its no big deal ... otherwise your screwed

    That being said the following statement is the most important thing that anyone has told you about your wii.


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    What firmware are you on now? If you are on 4.2,you should try this. Bootmii is reccomended.(not much use for me since I cannot only install as ios)
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