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Thread: Wii (3.1E) whit Wiikey 1.9s, still need softmod?

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    Question Wii (3.1E) whit Wiikey 1.9s, still need softmod?

    Questions, do I need to soft mod my Wii even if I have wiikey Already installed?

    I have wiikey 1.9s Wii 3.1E

    All the new games whant me to update, is it ok to do it or sude I not?

    Not sure what I sude do? My litle brother whants to play the new games.

    Some advice wouled be very helpful and appreciated

    thx in advance;-)

    Just whant to say that I fixed it now so my brother can play the new games. I softmoded my Wii whit this guide: ,even dow I have Wiikey 1.9s installed.

    Only one thing I did not install the preloader and I skipped updating, hope it was the right thing to do? Because I couled install Bootmii as boot2 and I was not sure if I sude use IOS60-patch because I have Wii system 3.1E.

    Booting the games whit NeoGammaR7.

    Any whys it works now so Iam happy;-)
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