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Thread: Noob having problem with Wii Sports Resort... Help!

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    Noob having problem with Wii Sports Resort... Help!

    Ok I am a complete noob at this sort of thing.

    My partner had my Wii soft modded ages ago for my birthday which was great...

    Today I just bough Wii Sports Resort. I have two channels to load my games... The original channel and the Wii Backup Loader.

    The original loader channel says update system (which I was told never to do) and the Backup Loader brings up a blue error screen and I have to turn the machine off at the mains.

    What do I do to get this to work?

    I've been searching through the other posts and ity talks about what version people are on (??) but I don't even know how to check this.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    hi, to check dirst to check the system menu by going to

    1) WII OPTIONS (bottom left hand side if the screen is a little circle with wii in it)


    3) on the top right hand side of the screen is 3.1e or 4.0u etc, the numbers are your system menu version, the letter after the numvers means u is NTSC and e is europe.

    Wii sports resort uses System Menu 3.4 so i presume you are on 3.2 or lower

    as i precaution i would download the game and play it as a backup unless anyone thinks you should upgrade from the disc?
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    Talking Re: Sports Resort

    Hello, if your are having problems goto my link here and it will help you all the way...

    If i have helped in anyway please hit the THANKS BUTTON

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