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Thread: ISO60 3.4u to 4.0 Brickeded

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    ISO60 3.4u to 4.0 Brickeded

    Ok, Just want a straight anwser as to what to do. If I need to ship in for repair that is fine.

    Had HBC and Wiigator, wanted to upgrade to play WWE 2010, saw update for 002 Error fix.

    Instructions say UPGRADE to 4.0 first!!! I did that and no it's black.

    No Bootmii or USB or anything fancy installed. Just HBC and wiigator Backup launcher.

    Do I try the GC Controller? Do I buy a Drivekey? Do I just ship it in for repair to Nintendo?

    Thanks for all the help.


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    Unless you had bootmii as boot2 installed, your only option is to send it to Nintendo but can you please explain what instructions were you following?

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    Some dumbass on youtube, Blackbreaker something. Hack your Wii in 7 mins or less.

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    would it be Black your Wii in 7 mins or less ?

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    No, Actually it took more like 1 hr and 7 mins.


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