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Thread: Please Obi Wan... You're My Only Hope :(

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    Exclamation Please Obi Wan... You're My Only Hope :(

    Right, i don't know if anybody can help me..

    I'm currently on 4.2E
    I can install homebrew, dvdx, and BootMii as an IOS.

    I've followed basically every tutorial on this site to try and get a CIOS on my wii so that i can run backup games via USB.

    Following this guide, I can downgrade IOS15.
    I try to use IOS15 for the second part of TBR, and i get an error "Exception (DSI) Occurred!"

    Which stops me dead in my tracks...

    Now most other guide tell me to run WAD Manager and do all that jazz.

    Doing so either d/c's my wiimote (So i can't do anything) or freezes my wii...

    Any help would be helpful

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    one of the two posted must do this for you. failing at both indicates that you have not understood/read/followed the guides correctly. in this case we cannot do much to help you, read the guides over 10 times and retry step by step

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    I have followed them both directly word for word...
    Which is what's annoying me.. :/

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    If you had followed them you would have a cios. pls read them again. And also, if you have done everything correctly and still nothing, then unfortunately there is no other way than those two described, so no luck.

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    I finally did it, But the tutorials posted on this site didn't work for me, I had to use a process of using the AnyTitleDeleter and removing the empty stubs


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