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Thread: REModified Wii

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    REModified Wii

    Can experts here teach me how to REmodified my Wii set? Currently i having a Korean Wii set softmod to v3.2U.. So, if i wan to remodify it again, is it possible to? Need more advices and comments.. Thanks..

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    I think you're question is: is it possible to change my wii back to another region? If that's the question, yes you can. You can use any region changer. But beware, this application can brick your wii.

    If not: try to explain what you mean. With any region changer you'll reset you wii's region and you'll have system menu 3.2.

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    i mean REDO everything.. let say, if i modified once, then something happens, like there is 2 same channels(i.e: 2 same news channel), so, if this happen, i can redo everything?

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    Well if that happened then just go to wiibrew and get the duplicate channel remover, no need to redo everything.

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    ok, my problem is now that at 1st, i able to play backup games, after my brother connected it to the internet, i think he did something which i not very sure what it is, most of my backup game unable to start and there is duplicate channels. So, i went back to the shop where i purchased, he told me that they going to remodify the set again. So, i just wan to try out myself of the REmodify the Wii set myself. So, i trying to find out what thing or method is available for me to REmodify the set..

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    If you are not sure what to do. Check out the guides that some of the more experienced modders made. Those will help you out. Be sure to read the guide about hackmii, safemii and preloader. Those are all there to prevent you from getting a brick.
    I had one wii bricked because i tried without reading.

    Good luck!!


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