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Thread: Bricked Wii with Black Screen, chipped with a WiiKey2

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    Bricked Wii with Black Screen, chipped with a WiiKey2

    Hello Everyone, I am posting on WiiHacks because recently, I bricked my wii, probably via a bad wad installation. I can switch my wii on with my wiimote, and via the power button, but after it is switched on, all I get is a black screen. Does anyone know a way in which I could get my wii debricked? Does anyone know what could be wrong with it?

    By the way, my wii is also chipped with a WiiKey 2 and i have gone looking all over the internet for information on how to fix my problem and I cannot find a solution, does anyone know how to help? Could I use the WiiKey 2 in some way to help me debrick my console?

    I'd be happy to get help from anyone.
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