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Thread: Wii bricked when installing USB loader

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    Angry Wii bricked when installing USB loader

    Help I've bricked my wii?
    Hi all, hands up ive been a numpty and bricked my softmod Wii. Can anyone help please?
    I don't know what info is important so i'll try and tell us as much as i can.
    I have 2007 UK PAL wii with 4.1e so well before problem serial numbered wii's.
    I have run softmod and homebrew channel. Loaded preloder, neo gammer, WAD manager 1.4 and internet channel. All worked fine.
    I wanted to be able to plug a USB Hdd to the wii and load games from there so I followed instructions to get USB loader on. All was fine until last stage where it asked me to load CIOS38 rev14 said it was successful, i pressed home thinking the USB loader had worked. The machine reset and i get a black screen saying The system files are corrupt etc. If I press reset i can get homebrew channel and bootmii to work. I made a backup of the NAND as per one of the instructions but when i try to load it in bootmii it says its not for my machine, which i know it is where else would I have got the file NAND backup from. Can i get NAND files from anywhere which will work. or is there another solution? I tried to get website where i followd instructions from but the computer i was using at the time had auto history clear (helpful i know)Hope I have give enough information. Thank you all for your time answering
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    i'm not 100% sure if any NAND will work seeing as each NAND is specific to each console. You should've checked the backup and done a test restore to make sure everything was fine before moving on to anything else. The only way other than the NAND backup is to get a chip [such as wasabi] and they have a system restore option in the chip [not sure ho wthis works though seeing as i only softmodded my Wii]. So if anyone else could shine some light on the subject, it would be much appreciated.

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    What version of bootmii did you install? Does your sd card contain the files keys.bin and nand.bin.

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    your nand backup isnt broken, its a common bug!

    1) Start -> Run -> cmd
    2) Find the drive letter of your SD card, for example, F:.
    3) Type this, replace the X with the drive letter: X:\
    4) Type this: copy /b nand.bin + keys.bin nand.bin

    now try to restore it.

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    I have the same problem as the OP. I tried the 4) Type this: copy /b nand.bin + keys.bin nand.bin, and still not able to restore? Still says backup is for another system. Any other suggestions?

    PS. I did add files to the original SD card after backing it up. I added the USB Loader files to the SD card but after performing the Wii backup. I deleted all the files that i added post backup but still no luck...

    Any help would be great! Thanks!!

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    bootmii KeyFix
    Quote Originally Posted by devilsam55
    What I done was:
    1. extracted Bootmii-KEYFIX.exe to where the key.bin AND nand.bin was stored which was in root of SD card (don't think it matters where BUT both files need to be present for this error fix)
    2. Ran Bootmii-KEYFIX.exe - autopatched nand and fixed Key.bin
    3. Changed the Keyfix.bin name back to key.bin
    4. Insert card in wii - bootmii should auto boot up
    - press the power button (since wiimote is not compatible with bootmii yet) to until the two cogs (settings) icon is highlighted
    - press reset to enter
    - reset button again to confirm at the screen
    - backup should load now - whereas before it would say "dump file from different wii"
    5. after backup file loaded press eject to start installing
    6. go back to main menu of bootmii after install and press reset (enter) at the wii system icon (or turn power off and on again)

    That was what I done to load the backup files on my wii via bootmii boot2
    Hope this helps anyone who has the same problem as me - I couldn't find any full guide to this solution yet or it was really hard to find well for me anyway so I thought i'd share!

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    did you try unplugging the hard drive from the wii then turn it on?

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    Hi all, Thank you all for your time in answering my post.
    Sorry I haven't got back been busy busy busy working :+(
    Thank you mauifrog. I looked in my back up NAND folder that I created, I must have done the back up incorrectly as it doesn't seem to contain all the files. The files I have are nand.bin and a folder called bootmii which contains armboot.bin, bootmii.ini & ppcboot.elf but I don't seem to have a keys.bin (ooops). Is this why its not working? Is there anyway I can retrieve the Keys.bin file now after its been bricked? The Nand.bin seems to be right as its 528MB.
    Thank you davepm even though it might not help me at the moment its a great piece of knoweldge to know for the future if I come across that problem again.
    CrYmsYn yeah the hdd wasn't plugged in. I haven't got to the stage of plugging it in yet as it bricked on last step of installing USB Loader.
    Thank you all again for your time and any information on how I can retrieve the keys.bin if it's possible.

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    I have sorted it. All i did was reinstall preloader and everything was back and running. Wohoo. But I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to reply to my post, without your knoweldge and you all taking the time to help us newbies we would get nowhere. Thank you all again your all stars


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