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Thread: updated software, and now wii wont play any games

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    Angry updated software, and now wii wont play any games

    hey guys. i bought a wii already moded. i dont know crap about computers at all, but it played backed up wii games on dvd discs. i hooked it up to the internet tonight, it asked me if i wanted to update the software and i said yes. now it wont play any backed up games. i dont know how to find out what kind of mod it is so maybe somebody could walk me thru that, and then tell me how i can fix this problem. thanx

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    You are probably on system menu 4.2. You will need to follow this guide to be able to hack your Wii. Not to be undertaken lightly if you know nothing about computers.
    Read lots.

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    thanx wiijohn. that was actaully a really easy guide. got it up and runnin again


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