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Thread: Netflix comes to PS3!

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    Netflix comes to PS3!

    Netflix Comes to PlayStation 3; Is the Wii Next?
    Now that Sony's console is adding the capability to stream movies, should we expect a similar offering from Nintendo? Doubtful.

    Starting next month, the Playstation 3 will be able to stream Netflix Instant Watch movies, and just like that, the Xbox 360 and Netflix are no longer an exclusive couple. But does this open relationship signal a similar offering for Nintendo's Wii? Doubtful, for now at least.

    And here is what Netflix has to say.
    Certainly, the Wii represents a great opportunity given the size of its installed base, but we have nothing specific to say about it at this point. The Xbox partnership has been terrific for Netflix members, and we're equally excited to announce the partnership with PS3.

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    Source -

    It is now reported that Nintendo Wii netflix is in the works - LOOK HERE.
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    yea, and man is it cool.... so many movies... ive watched way to much

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    So ridiculously happy about this. Heard the rumors that Netflix was coming to another major home theater piece and was really hoping it would be the PS3. Iím going to be using my 360 even less now. So happy that PSN continues the trend of not charging its users extra money for great features. I remember hearing that there were some figures showing a rise in 360 sales due to the inclusion of Netflix to their console, I hope this is mirrored by the inclusion of Netflix to the PS3. Keep up the good work, Sony!

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    Odd thread to dig up from the graveyard? Where have you been sam89fanter? The PS3 has been able to stream movies from Netflix since last fall. Well before Netflix came to the wii. The big Netflix news with PS3 is that soon you won't need a disk to stream movies.


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