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Thread: Neogamma V7 Wad Channel?

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    Question Neogamma V7 Wad Channel?

    Hello I was just wondering if any one knows how to make a apps folder into a .wad file or if anybody has a Neogamma V7 channel i can download thanks

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    Download this pack of files and grab the neogamma wad from the wad folder. password is "" without the quotes.
    LU50 SM4.1U Boot2v4
    Original WiiKey v1.9s
    BootMii beta5 loaded as boot2
    HBC v1.06
    USBLoader GX v807
    USBLoader_CFG_NForwarder_UCXF_Channel v16
    200GB Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 USB HDD
    USB-HDD Compatibility list

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    Thanks REP+


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